We are an eCommerce Marketplace Agency that provides all-inclusive services to help brands drive sales on online marketplaces.

Aleva Stores

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Standing on the shoulders of giants.

Our Story

Launched in 2015, Retail Bloom stemmed from an organic outgrowth of our parent company, Aleva Stores. After seeing success in our own marketplace division, we quickly realized that our knowledge and expertise could be used to help other companies. With continued discussion and planning, leadership made the decision to branch out to provide marketplace advising and solutions for other businesses.

Today, we are in the top 1% of sellers on Amazon, and we’ve grown to become a trusted third-party marketplace service provider for numerous thriving brands. Our vision is to nurture our brand’s strategy and stay ahead of the game in the marketplace world. Retail Bloom strives to give your brand an evolutionary advantage in the competitive jungle that is the Amazon Marketplace.

Since 2011, Aleva Stores commitment to innovation has earned us a place on Internet Retailer’s Top 500 e-Retailers list and Inc. 5000’s list of the Fastest Growing Private Companies in America.




Team Members


In the Top 1% of Amazon Sellers



Our Mission

To cultivate superior marketplace growth for brands through innovative digital strategies.

Our Values

Our goal is to align brand marketing strategies, strengthen brand retail integrity, increase brand equity and improve brand exposure. We achieve this by using our unique toolset, historical insights and the marketplace knowledge we’ve gained from years of tending to our channel partners.

Create Loyalty Through Service
Build a Positive Team & Spirit
Communicate Openly
Be Open Minded
Embrace Change
Be Great, Not Good
Be Compassionate, Conscientious & Determined
Pursue Growth

Our Family

The values of humility, compassion, and positivity taught 60 years ago by our Aleva Stores founder, Joseph Gaskins, have been instilled in each generation of our family. These values continue to yield opportunities for us to learn and grow while always placing the customer first. Retail Bloom, part of the Aleva Family since 2015, continues in his humble footsteps, never losing sight of our customers and their needs.



Derek Gaskins - Retail Bloom Founder & President

Derek Gaskins

Founder & President

Larry Gaskins - Retail Bloom Chief Financial Officer

Larry Gaskins

Chief Financial Officer

Nicole Reich - Retail Bloom Director

Nicole Reich


Client Services

Courtney Washer - Retail Bloom Client Services Manager

Courtney Washer

Client Services Manager

Gregory Gardner - Retail Bloom Account Strategist

Gregory Gardner

Account Strategist

Kevin Scheibert - Retail Bloom Account Strategist

Kevin Scheibert

Account Strategist

Kristin Kaschalk - Retail Bloom Account Analyst

Kristin Kaschalk

Account Analyst

Kyle Lapine - Retail Bloom Account Strategist

Kyle Lapine

Account Strategist

Kelsey Jones - Retail Bloom Account Analyst

Kelsey Jones

Account Analyst

Sarah Lile - Retail Bloom Account Analyst

Sarah Lile

Account Analyst

Tyler Boylen - Retail Bloom Account Analyst

Tyler Boylen

Account Analyst Intern

Elizabeth Merzin - Retail Bloom Account Analyst

Blake Ortbring

Account Analyst

Elizabeth Merzin - Retail Bloom Account Analyst

Elizabeth Merzin

Account Analyst

Paid Media

Jordan Grantz

Paid Media Analyst


Canaan Wright - Retail Bloom Inventory Planning Strategist

Canaan Wright

Inventory Planning Strategist

Ashley Loewen

Inventory Planning Strategist

Marketplace Support

Jennifer Veseli - Retail Bloom Marketplace Support Strategist

Jennifer Veseli

Marketplace Support Strategist

Julia Asburry - Retail Bloom Marketplace Operational Support Analyst

Julia Asburry

Marketplace Operational Support Analyst

Donald George - Marketplace Support Analyst

Donald George

Marketplace Support Analyst

Business Development

David VanderJagt - Retail Bloom Sales Manager

David VanderJagt

Sales Manager

Andrew Buss - Retail Bloom Legal & Corporate Development Specialist

Andrew Buss

Legal & Corporate Development Specialist



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Flexible Work and

Paid holidays off and generous paid time off (PTO) plan

Full Benefits: Health,
Dental, 401k +

401(K) plan with a 4% match on contributions. Bicycles and yoga mats provided to use at work

Development Credit

Quarterly Reimbursement of $90 for wellness initiatives

Account Analyst - Client Services

Full-time · Rochester Hills, Michigan

Inventory Analyst

Full-time · Rochester Hills, Michigan

Account Strategist

Full-time · Rochester Hills, Michigan

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