Thirty Three Threads

Yoga Apparel Brand

Services Provided

  • Product Listing Optimization
  • Advertising
  • Brand Protection
  • Fulfillment

Brand Partner Since November 2016


In 2016, Retail Bloom began its partnership with Thirty Three Threads, a leading yoga apparel brand, seeking to re-enter the Amazon marketplace. They had previously terminated their relationship with Amazon due to issues maintaining brand integrity and resolving their challenge of increasing sales.

Upon reviewing past challenges and analyzing the competitive market, Retail Bloom discovered that the brand was being negatively impacted by the saturation of low price alternatives. They also determined that poor search results were deterring potential buyers.

The brand’s integrity was also suffering from content that had not been properly optimized, monitored or protected from other sellers.

Performance Problems

Freefall of brand equity due to changes in perceived retail price

An unidentified amount of unauthorized 3rd party sellers

Difficulty protecting content integrity


After completing a comprehensive analysis, Retail Bloom was able to develop a multifaceted strategy to help Thirty Three Threads thrive on Amazon.

This strategy included implementing an inventory management plan that would give the brand strategic fulfillment options to automate customer satisfaction.

Retail Bloom updated their merchandising efforts by reviewing SKUs and optimizing product listings with keywords, images, Enhanced Brand Content, and videos.

Retail Bloom also executed new promotions and advertising strategies to lift sales by increasing exposure to target customers.

Implemented a new inventory management plan using Fulfillment By Amazon and seller-fulfilled options

Established a new tactical merchandising process based on full inventory and product listing audit

Reviewed and updated 1,200+ SKUs

Optimized over 250 product listings

Leveraged SellerSight™ toolset to identify and shut down unauthorized sellers


Achieved 69% total sales growth in first six months
Generated a 45% advertising sales lift after six months
3Y Growth from 2016 to 2019: Nov 2016 sales = $4K Nov 2019 sales = $100K

Results achieved within 3 months.