Hair & Skin Care Brand

Services Provided

  • Advertising
  • Product Listing Optimization


Popular hair and skincare brand was having issues growing their sales negatively impacted by the lack of advertising and content optimization.

Performance Problems

Unknown number/identity of unauthorized 3rd party sellers

MAP enforcement issues

Incorrect UPCs in Amazon catalog

Inconsistent & inaccurate product catalog


Retail Bloom assembled an extensive action plan for this brand after an audit of their market share and intense competitive research.

Retail Bloom wrote and optimized over 300 product listings, many of which previously had a 4/10 quality score on Amazon. We also merged listings across all of Amazon to clean up other sellers selling product under false names.

Retail Bloom generated of new UPC codes for multipacks. We also aided in the packaging and shipping of them.

Retail Bloom commissioned images based on competitor research, as well as created some of our own imagery to assist in this process. Retail Bloom also shut down Walmart based on MAP monitoring and finding out they were hurting Amazon sales.

Audited their market share

Wrote and optimized 300 product listings

Performed product listing merges based on competitor research

Aided in the production of new UPC codes for multipacks

Optimized and managed Amazon Advertising campaigns


Increase in new-to-brand sales
Increase in Click-Through rate
Average YoY Growth