Protecting a world-class ski apparel & equipment brand.

Services Provided

  • Brand Protection
  • Product Listing Optimization
  • Advertising


Increase Volume and Improve Profitability

Retail Bloom partnered with an outdoor brand that had several distribution and sales channels making it hard for the brand to identify 3P sellers and other sellers selling directly to Amazon via Vendor Central.

After investigating all of their listings, Retail Bloom found their brand’s image, awareness, and loyalty were negatively impacted as a result of inaccurate pricing. This brand was also challenged by the unknown number and identity of unauthorized third-party sellers. Lastly, the brand’s content integrity was difficult to accurately monitor as a result of their lack of brand protection.

Performance Problems

Hundreds of sellers on Amazon and other marketplaces

Unknown distributors selling directly to Amazon via Vendor Central

No MAP policy or price monitoring system


Retail Bloom executed an action plan to assist the Spyder with protecting their brand. Once a comprehensive product and channel analysis using SellerSight identified 400 sellers, Retail Bloom took a proactive approach to obtain proof of legitimate inventory from over 200 Amazon sellers. This allowed the brand to review invoices and control distribution internally.

From there, Retail Bloom collaborated with different members within the brand’s organization to create policies that would allow them to better control MAP and distribution.

Leveraged SellerSight to identify 400+ sellers

Contacted and received proof of legitimate inventory from 200+ sellers

Worked with the entire organization to develop and implement MAP and distribution policies throughout all sales channels


Closed 2,393 unauthorized seller listings from Amazon by enforcing policies
Reduced MAP violations from 3,465 to 245 in less than 5 months

Results achieved within 4.5 months.