Tavi Noir

Women's Athletic Sock Brand

Services Provided

  • Product Listing Optimization
  • Advertising
  • Brand Protection
  • Fulfillment

Launching a New Sub-brand in a New Target Market


Tavi Noir is a women’s athletic sock brand, specializing in grip socks for barre, dance, yoga needed solutions for launching a new product line to a new target market.

Tavi Noir had just launched a new line Disney toddler socks and we were looking for new ways to try and get more traffic to the product pages. We had done the early review program but were looking for new and innovative ways to get traffic and boost sales.

Performance Problems

Needed help launching a new product line

Had trouble reaching new marketing demographic

Limited traffic and reviews to the toddler sock page


We launched the new video in search advertisement on December 18th 2019, in hopes that we would be able to attract some traffic during the holiday season. Since the launch of the video ads, we have shown the video to more than 90k people, where 731 people have clicked on it for the sale of 49 toddler socks.

During this time, we also had sponsored ads (auto and manual) as well as a Headline Banner ad running that showcased the new toddler socks in the same line as other high selling Tavi Noir Socks (that had a high number of reviews to show that they are good products), which have helped sell an additional 8 products.

All of this paired with the early review program has helped us sell over 422 units of Tiny Soles since Black Friday of 2019 for over $7,000 of the new tiny soles products and have earned 13 5 star reviews

Implemented a new inventory management plan using Fulfillment By Amazon and seller-fulfilled options

Established a new tactical merchandising process based on full inventory and product listing audit

Reviewed and updated 1,200+ SKUs

Optimized over 250 product listings

Leveraged SellerSight™ toolset to identify and shut down unauthorized sellers


Units Sold
In Revenue Generated
5-Star Reviews Earned

Results achieved since Black Friday 2019.

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  • 95% Positive Seller Rating
What drew me to Retail Bloom is that they grew out of a real business so they don’t think like a pure “agency”. They think like merchants working to build a business. They help us navigate Amazon and offer product suggestions. We align our goals by incenting them on growth.

Paul Griffiths

President & CEO at APG Cash Drawer