What is A-Z Brand Protection?

We emphasize that our brand protection services are “A-Z” or, in other words, comprehensive.

Often we find that brands are familiar with the different types of issues and violations from grey market and unauthorized entities out there and are similarly familiar with one or two partial solutions—maybe MAP monitoring or seller tracking. This awareness and whack-a-mole approach only frustrates brands and leads them into an endless, downward spiral.

That’s where we come in. Our A-Z approach equips and empowers brands to take control of their own online presence from the ground up. We track their issues to the source, formulate the strategy and necessary foundations from which to enforce brand protection, and manage the brand cleanup and ongoing protection using state-of-the-art technology. We help brands enforce against both authorized and unauthorized sellers to ensure they maintain control.

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Comprehensive brand assessment


Implement strategy and training


Tracking of unauthorized selling and violations

What We Offer

Complete Brand Protection

Business Case, Strategy & Alignment

Assess & Strategize

  • Comprehensive brand assessment
  • Review policies
  • Collaboration with entirety of brand team
  • A-Z analysis
  • Strategy development
  • Threats and opportunities
  • Revise with brand team and prepare for implementation

Channel Management & Legal Foundation

Form Foundations

  • Implement brand market strategy
  • Create/revise reseller program
  • Craft necessary policies
  • Provide organized hub for signed and relevant documents
  • Enhance and formalize product characteristics for legal foundation
  • Team training

Remove Unauthorized Sellers

Monitor & Enforce

  • Enforce policies and programs
  • MAP monitoring & violation enforcement
  • Unauthorized seller tracking, investigation, and enforcement
  • Reseller program enforcement via online portal
  • Available counterfeit investigation and enforcement
  • Legal escalation when necessary


Our Brand Protection services are available by stage, as multi-stage packages, or as customized solutions each tailored to the individual needs of your brand. For each client, we examine the unique situation at hand and assemble a customized proposal to get the desired results. We tailor the plan to make sense for you!

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